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NeatWorks, Inc.

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Expect more from your website. Get results from the traffic you already have.

Are your website visitors leaving without taking action? Has your site become an art museum — a place where visitors take a quick peak, and leave without inquiring or buying? Your site should be a strategic business tool not just a brochure. NeatWorks combines high-impact creative, direct marketing savvy and proven business strategies to help you engage your site prospects, increase your website conversion rates and turn more of your hard-earned website traffic into inquiries, leads and sales.

The NeatWorks Web Conversion Process

Web Audit

This first phase includes messaging, design, traffic, audience and keyword audits. These audits help you better define the message you want to convey and the look you want to present, the specific audience you need to reach and the keywords these prospects are using to find solutions to their problems.

Message Positioning and Definition

This next phase involves identifying the critical problems your audience is trying to solve, the solutions you provide and how these solutions specifically address their problems. It includes an analysis of what your competitors are saying and how they’re positioning themselves. And it involves a deep examination of your audience’s psychographics to better determine their attitudes and tastes.


“Imagemotion” involves an analysis and review of the emotions that come with your audience’s “pain points” or problems. We use the information from the other NeatWeb phases to list emotions that convey the benefits of your solution. We develop an image “storyboard” to communicate those emotions. And we begin crafting persuasive, keyword-rich copy based on these motivators.

Design and Development

In this phase we develop the site’s architecture, persuasive navigation paths and page layouts. We put the necessary back-end applications in place to meet the site’s objectives. And we engage you in our comprehensive “NeatCheck” assessment to ensure that every aspect of the project is on target with the stated objectives.


Lastly, NeatWeb’s implementation phase involves production, validation and testing, search-engine submission, deployment of a pay-per-click strategy (when applicable) and training clients on how to track, monitor and analyze conversion metrics.